About NFC-vCard

About NFC-vCard

everything about the digital business card

NFC-vCard – the digital business card

The NFC-vCard is more than just a normal business card, because the data is not only visible on the outside but also stored digitally. On the NFC-vCard an individual link to your personal profile is stored. This profile can easily be accessed by simply scanning the vCard with your smartphone. During this process the contact data can even be stored in the local address book.

The digital storage of data avoids the disadvantes of conventional bussiness cards and offers additional advantages:

  • External data can quickly become unreadable or no longer be up-to-date. The NFC-vCard, on the other hand, stores data digitally and can therefore be easily edited and kept up-to-date.
  • Conventional business cards offer only enough space for standard data. The NFC-vCard provides a detailed profile into which all relevant data fits. In addition to the usual contact data, pictures, various addresses and important links can be stored.
  • You do not feel like having a traditional business card made out of paper? No problem! With NFC-vCard we offer you a range of possibilities concerning the type of your NFC-vCard. From NFC buttons and NFC wristbands to NFC displays – there are many ways to store your contact data.
  • In the NFC-vCard portal comprehensive statistics on the calls of your personal profile are offered.

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About NFC-vCard
About NFC-vCard

NFC-vCard – more than just the usual data

With just one scan of the NFC-vCard with the smartphone, the individual profile is displayed with all relevant data. This is possible due to the integrated NFC-Chip. NFC stands for Near Field Communication and is a secure transmission standard for data over short distances.

Thanks to this digital form of storage, the saved data can be edited at any time with the help oft he NFC-vCard portal. Thereby it can also easily be held up-to-date. In addtion, the digital profile enables the storage of comprehensive contact data:

  • Images and Logos
  • Private and professional contact and address data
  • Specific job data, e.g. position and department
  • Social networks

During the scanning process this data can easily be transferred into the local adress book and even be displayed in two languages (DE / EN). Furthermore the visibility of the data can easiliy be adapted to the specific needs. Thereby extensive functions can be used without any technical knowledge.

NFC-vCard – classic or individual?

Not only are there (almost) no limits when it comes to storing comprehensive data – the NFC-vCard also opens up a variety of possibilities concerning the type of business card you can use. Of course we offer classic variants in standard credit card format. Both made out of paper and PVC. With the help of our NFC-vCards in sticker form it is even possible to upgrade your existing business card. Simply attach the NFC-vCard stickers wherever you would like to have them.

If you would like to consider (additional) individual options, we are happy to help you. The possibilites range from NFC key rings, NFC buttons and NFC wristbands up to NFC displays. Of course, both classic and individual NFC-vCards can be adapted to your specific wishes, e.g. regarding the design.

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About NFC-vCard
About NFC-vCard

NFC-vCard – comprehensive data and information on calls

The NFC-vCard portal does not only allow you to view and edit your stored data. It also provides extensive insight into the calls of your personal vCard URL. The calls include how often the individual link was clicked and how often the corresponding NFC-vCard was scanned. In the overview you will find all calls of a corresponding profile. Further statistics can also be accessed:

  • Calls of the last 30 days
  • Calls of the last month
  • Calls of the current month
  • Total hits
  • Calls by browser / operating system device type

In order to mulitply your calls you should share your personal NFC-vCard URL for example by adding it to your e-mail signature.

NFC-vCard – combines numerous advantages

The digital storage and wide range of customization options both in the type and design of the NFC-vCard offers extensive options.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions. Aside from our frequently asked questions (FAQs) you can find several step-by-step guides. In these guides you can learn how to activate or individualize your NFC-vCard and many more.

About NFC-vCard